Move from Wunderlist to Todoist

Edit: Wunderlist founder is working on a new to-do app called Superlist.

With Wunderlist closing soon to become Microsoft To Do it is time you move to Todoist.

I’m a huge fan of Todoist to keep track of everything I must do. It’s my main application on each device I use. As soon as I think about something it goes straight in my inbox. I know I will review it later for sure and make it actionable thanks to GTD methodology.

Why I like it?

Because when you add an entry you can add categories, tags and due date just with your keyboard and natural language (and 2 special characters). It is easy and effective!

It is available on every platforms from Mac to windows. Even my Apple Watch.

It is perfect to use with Getting Things Done David Allen methodology know as GTD.

Start using Todoist

I like it so much I subscribed to premium version some years ago and I never regret it. Follow this link to get 2 months of free premium Todoist.

How to move from Wunderlist?

Read this blog post from Todoist. It explains how to export your current todos from Wunderlist to Todoist.

Header illustration by Margarida Mouta

Thoughts about Animal Crossing and Capitalism

Capitalism and Colonisation the worst way with a sweet frost on the top.

Capitalism, debt, overexploitation are Animal Crossing: New Horizons background

I just realized Animal Crossing: New World is what I dislike most about our capitalism world:

  • You get everything right now… but you’ve just contracted a credit without knowing it. In other word, you’ve been tricked! Hopefully it’s a game there are no interest
  • Everything is made for you to spend more and more to get stuff you don’t care about.
  • Pleasure island? Not really, you spend lot’s of time working hard to get coins… doing the same thing over and over!
  • or by ripping ressources from desert island. But don’t worry you’ll never came back to this island ever again luckily you’ll never see the rampage you have created. This is colonialism and overexploitation of natural resources.
Harvest time! Let’s take everything I can and leave the place a real desert

You live the American Dream. Everything is colorful, beautiful. There is never a bad thing happening in this world. Everybody is friendly. Except Tom Nook maybe who is a profiteer abusing everybody else.

I am an adult, I know it is a game. Does my kids know the world doesn’t have to work like that?

This is no value I want to teach my kids

I need my rewards. I deeply need my rewards. Oh my god! I’m an addict

What keeps me going on are every rewards I get for my hard work:

  • Having a bigger house to put everything I bough or build in.
  • Completing my collections at the museum. It is true I am a completist and I don’t want a hole in my collection.
  • Finally, I need to know what comes next when I have just finished repaying my multiple loans for house, bridges and more.

That is the hard way to realize I am addict to this game for these reasons. I often complete game sessions without unlocking anything new and I realize the I am quite depressed about it. There are so few moment of fun in this game. The only moment I feel happy is when I progress in the game to see what come next.

This is the same mechanism as in mobile free to play games without a way to skip laborious part by watching ads or paying real money. Instead you need to fish, catch bugs and craft again and again.

I am not the only one to see there is something wrong about this game

I’m reassured to see other people feeling the same about Animal Crossing. Just doing a quick Google search show me interesting contents such as this article from Wired.

Maybe in 2020, Nintendo could have been more subtle. Is Animal Crossing a criticism of the American way of life or derives of capitalism? I don’t see anything telling that. You just have to accept you are not in control here. Tom Nook is. He chooses what I do on my Island. In addition I am his slave working hard for his sake and receiving some peanuts when I complete task he orders me to do. He’s some dictator ruling on the island and giving me meaningless title doesn’t change a thing.

I don’t want to be Tom Nook slave or pet.

I’d like to improve quality of life on my island my own way at my own pace. I am honest. Lying and tricking people so they move in is not part of something I want. I am against overexploitation and disrespect of the environment I was offered. I already have a work, why should I spent hours doing a boring task when I am playing at a game. (by the way my job is to create video games and it’s not boring at all!)

At last: I don’t want to read the same text over and over!

Nintendo! This 2020 you can’t do this anymore, it’s so annoying! I’ve played the game for 40 hours and I feel I spend 30 of them just pushing button B the skip the same text I have already read a hundred times. I’ve just talk to this character a second ago. Why do he have to tell me the same boring stuff each time?

Repetitive text in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Yes I do! Why do you think I’m here?

The game is based on repetition and you don’t do anything to make it feel less laborious. Again: Why?

For instance, there are so many ways to improve this felling of losing time at boring stuff:

  1. Add an option to skip unnecessary long and boring introductory dialogs.
  2. Why not an option to choose how many objects of the same type player want to craft at once.
  3. A way to store quickly a lot’s of stuff in your house. Same kind of multi selection than in store and museum?

They are so many things you can improve in Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo.

I wanted to be part of Animal Crossing turmoil

In conclusion, I think I played this game because of social pressure. I didn’t want to be left over by colleague. However, I quite regret it since I’m an addict to a game embracing capitalism.

Unity 2018.1 is now available! What’s new for developers?

What’s new in Unity 2018.1?

Unity 2018.1 is a major upgrade of the most popular game engine available for free. So many things are new in this version. It’s hard to describe everything in this single post. I’ll focus on what I use most for developing mobile games at Pinpin Team games studio.

If you are in a hurry and don’t bother to read, watch this video:

I advice you to check Unity official blog post Unity 2018.1 is now available to discover in detail every new features.

Different rendering templates for scriptable pipeline

Let’s start with the new rendering templates. You can now script via C# and material shader the render pipeline to create any effects you ever wanted. It’s now possible to create AAA games quality with Unity.

If like me you prefer to focus on out of the box settings, templates are here for you. Unity provides different templates for different hardware. First of all the Hight End template targets… Hight End PC and consoles devices. Also, the Lightweight template targets lower-end hardware such as mobile, VR devices and finally less powerful consoles hardware.

Shader Graph to visually create a beautiful shader with no code

Unity Shader Graph Unity 2018.1 Illustration

Shader Graph enables you to build your shaders visually using Unity 2018.1 editor. Instead of writing code, you create and connect nodes in a graph network. The result is immediately visible, making it simple for anyone to create a shader.

ProBuilder, ProGrid, and Polybrush out of the box

These 3 pieces were missing from Unity since the beginning. ProBuilder was formerly available in the Assets Store. Now it’s available for free directly in Unity 2018.1 as a package.


ProBuilder Extrude Unity 2018.1 illustration

The first one is a tool to create 3D meshes. Already used Valve Hammer to create a level of Source Engine? ProBuilder is as easy to use. Because you can create 3D models without leaving Unity. Prototype level, create meshes, export them, import them. Also, apply textures and materials directly inside Unity.

Using Unity primitive block was so frustrating when prototyping games. With ProBuilder forget about it and start enjoying level design inside Unity editor. As a result, you don’t need to create your own basic tools anymore.


Another great tool is ProGrid. It’s a 3D visual grid system to snap model in your scene. It makes level creation really fast, easy and precise!


Polybrush Scatter Detail Mesh Unity 2018.1 illustration

Finally, Polybrush enables to blend textures and colors, sculpt meshes directly in the Unity editor.

If you want to learn more, read this blog post about ProBuilder joining Unity team.

What next for 2D games?

2D SpriteShape Preview

As we seen before, ProBuilder is for 3D, SpriteShape is for 2D. It provides the ability to tile sprites along the path of a shape based on given angle ranges. Additionally, the shape can be filled with a tiling texture.

If only we could have this tool when creating The King and the Salamander. At Pinpin Team we often created tools to edit level. But without the power of spline, we had to ordered sprites all around.

2D SpriteShape Unity 2018.1 Preview Illustration

You can learn more about it in Unity forum post SpriteShape Preview Package

2D Animation System Preview

Furthermore, 2D Animation System is a new tool for 2D animation. It’s not an integration of Anima2D in Unity 2018.1, it’s a brand new tool. 2D Animation System remind me of the UbiArt framework. I can’t wait to get the complete version.

On my game Vikings: an Archer’s Journey we used Esoteric Software Spine to animate our characters. It’s a great tool but we get poor performances with some Android devices. I hope this tools will work smoothly with Unity.

2D Animation System Unity 2018.1 Preview illustration

You can learn more about it on Unity forum post 2D Animation Preview Packages.



In conclusion Unity 2018.1 has a lot’s of great new features. This game engine looks like more and more to Unreal Engine in term of rendering quality. Moreover, so many great tools are added directly to the editor. I’m waiting for the next releases and of course, for the nested prefab support as announced during GDC 2018 conference. It will be available in fall in Unity 2018.3.

What’s your favorite feature available with Unity 2018.1?