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Florian Brochard Games Creations • Derwin Studio

Florian Brochard

10 years experienced Game Developer. Co-Founder and CTO of Pinpin Team games studio. Specialized in mobile games industry. Found of Unity game engine. Dad². I like Video Games, David Allen GTD method, Environnement, Health and Running.

Games Creation

Creating games is my main occupation as Co-Founder and CTO of Pinpin Team video game studio.

Getting Things Done

Being organized, mind free and productive get me creative. It is a real asset in my life.

Healthy Life

Food, Sport, Environment, local Food Coop.

Latest Games

Browse through my finest work, created with a team of incredibly talented people.

Vikings: an Archer's Journey is a 2D infinite runner shooter mobile game.

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Beach Defender is a personal project to learn how to create native iOS game with Xcode using SpriteKit in Swift.

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Medelia : The treasure of the Mediterranean Sea is an Adobe Air adventure game for mobile teaching children about mediterranean cultures during last centuries.

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Latest Posts

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Unity 2018.1 now available cover picture

Unity 2018.1 is now available! What’s new for developers?

Unity 2018.1 game engine brings a lot's of new features with this major release. First, let's discuss rendering templates. Also Shader Graph, then ProBuilder in-editor 3D tools builder. To conclude let's talk about 2D SpriteShape and 2D Animation System, both are a preview.

May 3, 2018

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[FR] Documentaire Game In Progress du SELL

Game In Progress, qu’est-ce que c’est ? Le S.E.L.L. (Syndicat des éditeurs de logiciels de loisirs) vient de publier le documentaire Game In Progress. Il explique les phases de production et les différents métiers du jeu vidéo. Il se découpe en 5 épisodes dont les 3 premiers sont disponibles sur Youtube. Épisode 1 – La […]

April 6, 2018

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